MOTIS v0.5: Tooling Subcommands, musl Binaries, Docker Improvements

Release v0.5.2 Sep 11, 2021

MOTIS version v0.5 now comes with subcommands. If no subcommand is given, the MOTIS binary will behave as usual (e.g. start the server or process a batch file of queries depending on the --mode). A subcommand can be given like this motis generate --help. This will print the help message of the query generator subcommand. The subcommands are documented in the MOTIS Wiki. Please feel free to support us in extending the documentation (e.g. by filing an issue) if you find something is missing.

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MOTIS v0.4: Multi Schedule & Docker + Raspberry Pi Support

Release v0.4.0 Aug 10, 2021

MOTIS version v0.4 supports loading multiple timetables thanks to @sfahnens. We demo this new feature on our Europe instance on where the German DELFI GTFS timetable, the Swiss HRD dataset, and the Flixbus GTFS dataset. Loading more timetables is possible. We are working on covering whole Europe.

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MOTIS v0.3: Tiles Module & Improved GTFS Support

Release v0.3 Jun 10, 2020

With version v0.3, MOTIS comes with an embedded tile server which is based on @sfahnens tile server library. This was the last step to a full One-Stop-Shopping package for the MOTIS web user interface. Now, MOTIS provides everything what is displayed (autocomplete for stops and places, routing, map view) on its own, with a one-click automatic data preprocessing experience.

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MOTIS v0.2: Simple Import

Release v0.2 May 17, 2020

This new release of MOTIS comes with a simplified import: all steps that were carried out by separate executable binaries before, can now be realised with the main motis binary. This makes it much easier to start a MOTIS server. It is now impossible to forget a preprocessing step and the MOTIS configuration is much simpler now, because every input file path can be derived from the initial (simple) import configuration.

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MOTIS Initial Release

Release v0.1 May 06, 2020

We are happy to announce the first MOTIS open source release! MOTIS is an acronym that stands for Multi Objective Travel Information System. One of its main features is computing optimal intermodal journeys (including private car, bicycle, bus, tram, trains, etc.) from door to door based on a real-time timetable.

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